RIOT Media

Who Are Cancer Researchers?

Curing cancer is a difficult prospect. Scientists all over the world are working hard to understand the disease and how to fight it. But who are these scientists and how exactly do they spend their days in the fight against cancer? If this is something you’ve wondered about check out this video by Dr. Catherine Brun who describes a typical cancer researcher and what the process of cancer research looks like from the ground level.

Webcast: Current Advances in Cancer Research

Here is a webcast from several RIOT members who outline some of the most exciting advances in cancer research today. Natalia Ruiz will explain what personalized medicine is and how it is growing. Mathew Hall will talk about immunotherapy and its effectiveness against melanoma. Sue Li will finish things up by talking about how old drugs are being re-purposed to fight against cancer.

Sifting for Quality: How to Read Scientific Information

Check out this amazing primer on how to properly read and interpret scientific information as it’s presented by the media.

What is Cancer and How Do Scientists Study It?

Here’s another great video by the London RIOT team explaining what cancer is and the various ways scientists study it.

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