Let’s Talk Cancer

Community and High School Talks
Toronto RIOT also holds community talks across the Greater Toronto Area on a range topics. We also travel to schools to speak to high school students about the biology behind cancer, current research areas, and career options.


Available Topics:

History of Cancer & Progress in Cancer Research
Learn about a brief history of cancer from its first recorded case to the major breakthroughs in therapy from the late 1800s to present day. Glimpse into the era of technology  and how it is shaping our understanding of the disease.

Cancer Research 101
Understand the fundamentals of cancer biology, what makes cancer hard to treat and discuss the complexities that underlie cancer at the molecular level.  Learn from cancer biologists first hand about the major fields of cancer research and how research is generally funded.

Epigenetics and Cancer
Find out about a new topic of interest to scientists: Epigenetics, and how it is essential to better understand how a cancer cell functions.  Learn of the types of epigenetics research to develop better diagnostic tools and therapies and one of our own team member’s research in discovering the importance of epigenetics in breast and brain cancer.

Quality of Life Research
Learn about areas outside of biomedical research that are focus on improving patient quality of life.  Hear about ongoing research by Canadian groups that address fertility decision making after cancer treatment, fear of cancer recurrence, and the impact of chemotherapy on the developing brain.

What is Clinical Trial Research and Where Are We Headed?
Delve into the clinical trials process, what happens at the end of a clinical trial, debunk common myths, and learn of a few ongoing clinical trials.

Outlook, Risks and Potential Therapies for Ovarian Cancer
Learn about the biology of ovarian cancer, including genetic risk factors and the current research in the field. Explore the concept of stem cells and cancer stem cells and hear about emerging therapies to target ovarian cancer, as well as a few ongoing clinical trials.

Getting ahead of cancer: Advances in risk factor and early detection research
Understand how different lifestyle and genetic factors can influence one’s risk of developing cancer and learn about the latest research in cancer screening and early detection.

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Past Events

February 14, 2019         Gilda’s Club – Toronto (Cancer Prevention, Risk & Detection)
January 31, 2019            Wellspring – Toronto (Cancer Research 101)
October 10, 2018            Gilda’s Club – Toronto (Quality of Life Research)
July 25, 2018                   Gilda’s Club – Toronto (Ovarian Cancer)
December 6, 2017          Gilda’s Club – Toronto (Clinical Trials)
October 16, 2017            Maxwell Heights Secondary School
October 13, 2017            York Mills Collegiate Institute
September 19, 2017       The York School