Are you interested in science communication and outreach?

We are a team of cancer researchers who strive to share our knowledge with our community. We engage with members of the general public, ranging from adults to high school students, through presentations, blog posts, events, and social media. 

We are looking for enthusiastic scientists to join us on our quest to share current advances in cancer research!

If you are interested, please reach out to us at


  • Chair/ Internal Coordinator 

The chair will oversee the entire RIOT group and take up  general administrative tasks.

  • Chair/ External Coordinator

Act as a liaison to the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), Let’s Talk Science (LTS), and other external organizations. 

  • High School Talks Co-Coordinator(s)

This individual will serve as the main point of contact for high school teachers requesting cancer research talks. 

Tasks include: Scheduling talks, coordinating speakers, discussing content to be presented and communicating with schools about the level of knowledge of students, and tailoring slide decks accordingly. 

The High School Talks coordinator will maintain and develop connections with schools that already have RIOT speakers visiting. In addition, they will also reach out to new potential schools in order to broaden RIOT’s presence in the Greater Toronto Area.

They will also keep track of schools attended, primary contacts for each school, number of presentations given per school (in addition to other metrics such as number of students and classes, which grades were attending etc).

  • Community Talks Co-Coordinator(s)

This individual will serve as the main point of contact for community centers requesting cancer research talks and will maintain connections with outreach groups/clubs/societies that are already in contact with RIOT. 

Tasks include: scheduling talks, coordinating speakers, reviewing slide decks, and  keeping track of metrics such as talks presented, feedback received, attendees etc. Presenting the slide decks would also be required occasionally. The individual would acquire excellent organization, management, and leadership skills. This position would require an average of 4 hours per week. 

  • Let’s Talk Cancer Coordinator (s)

The Let’s Talk Cancer (LTC) coordinator will work closely with the High School Talks coordinators, co-leads. Their role will be to hold and keep monthly meeting minutes regarding LTC-related activity. Make sure a timeline is in place so that content is completed and speakers are recruited in a timely manner. Every month, they are responsible for keeping a list of completed action items and priorities. 

Tasks include:

  1. Coordinate with Co-leads about budget and how much is available for venue booking.
  2. Coordinate with LTS liaison about booking venues – most likely on campus – and checking capacity. In addition, coordinate with LTS about school and student recruiting.
  3. Keep the content team on track – make hard deadlines for final version consolidation.
  4. Design the student workbook and slide template for the final presentation.
  5. Make sure guest speakers are informed of their time slots and provided gifts for attending.
  • Social Media Coordinator (s)

The social media lead(s) will maintain RIOT Toronto’s online presence and make sure the Website and the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are kept up to date. In addition, they will liaise with other RIOT teams to generate social media content from common sites (Facebook and Twitter).

  • Blog Co-Coordinator (s)

The blog lead(s) will keep the online blog posting up to date. They will communicate with writers and edit blog posts for online publishing. In addition, they will coordinate with the website manager to maintain consistent posting of blogs. Responsibilities include pitching feature blogs posts to showcase a ‘current hot topic’ to ramp up monthly readership. Finally, if video blogs/visual blogs are of interest, this role may coordinate and develop a way to  incorporate this aspect.

  • Social Representative: 

This person will coordinate group social activities to promote cohesiveness within the team and to better integrate new members to the team. They will also facilitate recruitment.

  • General members : Content Developers/Speakers/Writers

General members can be involved on many different levels depending on their preferences and availability. They can be presenters and/or content developers, and can be involved in any (or multiple) of the following areas:

  1. Presenters for School/Community/LTC talks
  2. Content Developers:
  • Let’s Talk Cancer
  • Community talks
  • Social Media 
  1. Blog Writers: write on any cancer related topic.