Cancer: A Throwback to Ancient Cells?

Our cells are co-operative, law-abiding citizens of our body. Cancer cells, however, are selfish and betray these rules of co-operation, reminiscent of single cell organisms from a long time ago. Check out this blog post that explores an emerging theory known as cancer atavism.

Using extrachromosomal DNA to understand how cancer cells come in different colours

Not all cancer cells look the same! A research group in Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research has discovered that extrachromosomal DNA can explain how two cancer cells within a tumour are genetically different.These genetic differences may explain why some tumours are more resistant to drug therapy than other tumours. Check out this blog article for more information.

Personalized Medicine: A New Approach to Target the “Silent Killer”

Personalized Medicine, or Precision Medicine, is an emerging strategy to treat all forms of cancer. But what exactly is personalized medicine? It essentially means using the right drug for the right patient. This doesn’t mean that personalized medicine CREATES drugs for patients, rather, it implies tailoring medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient’s … Continue reading Personalized Medicine: A New Approach to Target the “Silent Killer”