Cancer cells are stressed out and it may be a good thing

DNA in our cells gets damaged everyday. Our cells can also makes mistakes when replicating our DNA. These mistakes and damages are known as "replication stress." Cancer cells are unique because they have chronic replication stress and use it to their advantage. Check out this blog article to learn more about this phenomenon and how scientists are trying to exploit it to help treat cancer.

Cancer: A Throwback to Ancient Cells?

Our cells are co-operative, law-abiding citizens of our body. Cancer cells, however, are selfish and betray these rules of co-operation, reminiscent of single cell organisms from a long time ago. Check out this blog post that explores an emerging theory known as cancer atavism.

Digital Tour of a Cancer Research Lab

Have you ever wondered what a typical cancer research lab looks like? If so click the link below and follow researcher Zeynep Kahramanoglu on an interactive digital tour of a lab. You'll get to see all of the sophisticated equipment used daily to look at cells, measure their properties, and manipulate them to discover new … Continue reading Digital Tour of a Cancer Research Lab

Personalized Medicine: A New Approach to Target the “Silent Killer”

Personalized Medicine, or Precision Medicine, is an emerging strategy to treat all forms of cancer. But what exactly is personalized medicine? It essentially means using the right drug for the right patient. This doesn’t mean that personalized medicine CREATES drugs for patients, rather, it implies tailoring medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient’s … Continue reading Personalized Medicine: A New Approach to Target the “Silent Killer”